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Hidden gems of Chalkidiki

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Except for the well-known beaches and lifestyle, there are some other Hidden gems of Chalkidiki

  • Petralona Cave and the 700,000-year-old man

Here you’ll wander in awe among masterpieces sculpted over eons by nature’s own hand; stalactites that sparkle in the dark, dazzling “dwarf stalagmites”. One of the most stunning caves in Europe and one of the most impressive attractions in the area, tell a very old story: Here, hidden among the stalagmites, the skull of an Archanthrapus (700,000 years old) was discovered. Aged 30-35 years, he was considered elderly for that era.

  • Ancient Olynthos

An object lesson in how to construct a city from scratch, here at this archaeological site, you’ll see how the famous Hippodamian grid plan, the foundation for the science of town planning, was organized. Houses, avenues and communal areas have all been excavated at the site, which also commands panoramic views of its surrounds.

  • Drop anchor in Porto Koufos

What lies behind the cliffs to the south of Sithonia? A secret harbor through an opening just 300m wide. This is the ancient Toronaios port, mentioned by Thucydides as the largest and most secure port in Ancient Greece. It was nicknamed the “deaf port” because you cannot hear the sea if you stand inside the bay.

  • Aristotle’s home

You are in Macedonia, the birthplace of one of the great Greek philosophers. Walk in his footsteps. Near the village of Olympiada, visit Ancient Stagira, Aristotle’s birthplace. In the village, you’ll find the Alsos of Aristotle, with a compass, pendulum, and prism – instruments so vital to the work of the mind he conducted here.

  • Arnaia and Afitos

Two very different villages, two gems, each with its own traditions. Cobblestones, traditional Macedonian architecture, restoration projects, museums. Their charm will take you back to village life as it was many years ago.

  • The Potidaia Canal

A narrow isthmus joins the peninsula of Kassandra to the mainland. The canal was begun by King Kassander of Macedonia, whose aim was not only to facilitate navigation but also to protect Thessaloniki.

  • Taxiarchis fir trees

There’s nothing quite like Christmas in Halkidiki, a place that quite literally cultivates an essential element of the festive season. In the village of Taxiarchis in central Chalkidiki, whole families are engaged in the work of growing fir trees on the beautiful mountain of Holomonta.


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