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Enjoy the Unique Superiority of Chalkidiki Local Products

Ouzo – Tsipouro

In N. Fokea, where vineyards cover large areas, you can find the best tsipouro and ouzo of Halkidiki. Tsipouro and the accompanying appetizers is a common scene in Halkidiki, seen in many areas, especially during lunchtime.


Herbs grow everywhere in the whole Peninsula. You can find herbs for every disease or purpose in specific delicatessen of the area.


The famous honey of Agia Paraskevi tops in quality in Greece. You can get it directly from producers, but it is also easily found in stores.

Sea Fennel

If you like sea fennel, this delicious herb that grows near the sea, then all you have to do is look for it on Kassandra’s beaches. It can accompany your dishes giving them an extra special note, while the gathering procedure can be really fun.


The pure, virgin, olive oil of Halkidiki is famous for its taste and its quality. You can find it everywhere and it is sure that you will be surprised by its taste!


Halkidiki’s green olive is a famous variety of olives. It’s big and tasteful ideal for many meals. Thousands of people in Halkidiki cultivate olives and you can find small packages of olives to take with you as a gift.

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