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Chalkidiki caters to every taste

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Mountain or seaside? Beach bar or secret cove? Traditional villages or luxury resorts? Chalkidiki caters to every taste.

“There is nothing like Chalkidiki,” say the northern Greeks and they know what they’re talking about. Get ready to succumb to the charms of its three beautiful peninsulas, namely Kassandra, Sithonia, and Athos. The first two don’t discriminate, but the third is off limits to women, as it is home to the famous monastic state, Mount Athos. How will your holiday in Chalkidiki take shape?

Turquoise water, dense pine forests, dreamy hotels, small coves with fish tavernas and cafes, beach bars, archaeological sites, traditional villages in Sithonia, the Petralona Cave in Kassandra. A microcosm of miracles. Explore it with all your senses.

Things to do in Chalkidiki

Swimming under the pines

Pine trees that reach right up to the water’s edge, white sand, beautiful bays, crystal-clear water, hidden coves. Chalkidiki’s beaches are so great in number that you can’t possibly count them all, but take out a map and have a go all the same; Kavourotripes, Mikro (small) and Megalo (large) Karidi, Kalogria, Kriopigi, Agios Mamas, Sani…do you give up yet? Just make it easy for yourself and dive into all its stunning beauty.

A five-star stay

Chalkidiki tempts you to live a life of luxury at any one of its many luxury beach resorts. High-end service, activities, spas and a plethora of unique experiences; private dining on the beach, soothing spa treatments, roomy villas right on the water, molecular gastronomy and renowned wines. You can also find private marinas, casinos, boutique shops, top-flight bars, and restaurants… the epitome of classic 5-star luxury in Northern Greece.


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